Our customers are not just satisfied, they are our biggest supporters. Rated 5 out of 5 stars in 142 reviews in which 60% contain the word “the best”.

“The Fare Impresa team has followed the establishment of my company in Albania from the beginning. Thanks to this team, made up of lawyers, accountants, auditors and labor law advisers, I can run the business I’m in charge with efficiency.”

Angelo Caso, Angelo Caso, Director of Dekor Italy

“In Albania, I found a perfect climate to bring Italian know-how to Albanian opportunities. In particular, their contribution must be recognized in the resolution of the legal and tax problems which arose during the work of execution of the contract.”

Giuseppe Librandi, A.L.P Director, Amministratore A.L.P

“We are extremely happy and satisfied with the results that Fare Impresa has given us. They are our trusted consultations”

Giuseppe Tattoli, Consera administrator, Amministratore Consera


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RaiUno, RaiDue, Millionaire, La7, IlSole24Ore, Albania’s economy and many other media that define him as “VIP lawyer”.